About us

Mandalas Life

Mandalas Life was founded with the belief that the preservation and promotion of the Himalayan culture can play a vital role in creating a more harmonious and peaceful world. We recognize that every culture has a unique perspective and wisdom to offer, and we are committed to sharing the rich and diverse traditions of the Himalayas with the world.

The Himalayan culture is a treasure trove of ancient wisdom and creativity that needs to be preserved for future generations.

Our web portal provides a range of resources and services designed to help individuals and organizations connect with the Himalayan culture because we believe that by providing access to authentic information, art, and architecture, we can inspire a deeper appreciation and understanding of this remarkable heritage.


The mission of Sangha by Mandalas Life’s is to connect cultural contributors to international benefactors.

We invite you to explore the web portal and join us in our mission to preserve and promote the rich heritage of the Himalayas.


On the one hand the web portal allows the members to promote their cultural contribution such as :

  • Handicrafts
  • Online tutorials
  • Cultural journalism
  • Community Services

On the other hand the web portal allows benefactors to find contributors and take part in preserving the culture by :

  • Commissioning artworks & crafts
  • Getting an e-learning class
  • Sponsoring a contributor
  • Donating to a community project

Our services

Through the Sangha initiative Mandalas Life offers web services to handcrafters, artisans, artists, monasteries, teachers and anyone willing to promote Himalayan culture online :

If you have any questions about Mandalas Life services feel free to contact us.