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Billing Info

The panel regarding billing information allows you to keep track of your license and subscription plan. It is also the place where you can cancel an active subscription or edit your credit card information.

To access the Billing Info:

  1. open the avatar menu by clicking on your picture in the top right corner of the site
  2. click billing info

Subscription Plan

The subscription plan section provides a list of your accesses and services including template galleries and according storage units.

Storage units represent the amount of projects (pages, products, graphic designs…) that you can save.

To increase the amont of storage units you need to upgrade your plan or contact the billing department for a tailored offer.

License & Payment

This section is displayed bellow your Plan when you have an active subscription. Among other things it is showing the renewal date of the current period.

One period is equal to one month at the end of which your license is renewed for the next period until you decide to stop the subscription.


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